Some years ago I had a multidimensional experience, and I was shown how perfect our heart is. It reproduces the most vital energy of the whole universe, of all creation, Love. If it is perfect and vital, why is that it is so hard to let it flow naturally? Because it is imprisoned by fear.
  Our mission as spiritual beings in a human experience is to free ourselves of what keeps us from Being, and shining our light.

Reconnective Healing®

We have never lived in such an interesting moment as now. The universe inexorably pushes us towards a shift, with the rise of the vibrational frequency of all living beings, and the transformation of the collective unconscious.
  In this moment, when the paradigm shift at a planetary level is the bigger challenge, we can access a new spectrum of corrective frequencies carrying energy, light and information. Reconnective Healing takes us to the Field of all possibilities and binds us to something superior that reconnects us to our essence.

Life Coaching

The present context is of transformation and creativity. We hold a huge potential within, but we do not always have the vision for what limits its expansion. It takes courage to become a self realized being, aligned with our own purpose. There is a crucial choice to be made: taking responsibility for what we want to become, and equip ourselves with the tools we need to create a new reality. Through techniques and exercises focused on self-discovery, coaching is a process for liberating beliefs that no longer serve us, for personal empowerment and evolutionary expansion.

My purpose is to facilitate Reconnective Healing and Coaching. They are independent and differently implemented processes which complement each other harmoniously when conjugated, bringing an increase of vital energy and a better quality of life with ourselves and with others.

Dora Martinez Pinto