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V A Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices
* “A Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices” by Patrick J. Kelly
V Free Energy Technology
V a) Suppression of Free Energy Technology
* Technologies for free energy exist, but have been suppressed for at least a hundred years. Many have been murdered by interest groups such as the chemical cartels who founded Nazism and the EU and who started the 1st and 2nd world wars, oil industry, the military industrial complex, the Jesuits, the rich and powerful, the CIA, the Freemasons, to keep it secret. 
There are now groups working to develop devices for the people. There are the publicly known such as solar panels, heat from the earth. But then there is zero point energy; getting energy directly from the omnipresent space. And there is anti-gravity technology that converts any heat above absolute zero into electrical energy as it also levitates, developed by John Searl who's lab was destroyed by the police. He is an old man and is working with people who support him – among them Fernando Morris and Jason Verbelli – to recreate the technology by building new lab and getting together a science team with resources.
When it comes to free energy research I support people like Dr. Judy Wood, Dr. Steven Greer, John Kenneth Hutchison, John Searl, Patrick Flanagan, Nassim Haramein, Jason Verbelli, Fernando Morris, and others who are telling truth.
Truth does not disappear because one hides it. Truth is eternal.

And by the way, I don't believe in mono-polar particles – the belief system we are commonly taught in school.
Instead of being bewildered by explanations for polarity in composite matter, first think about how you would explain polarity in simple principle. I’d say that polarity happens because of spin and rotation. Take the principle of the most simple shape; a sphere or globe of any size, whether a star, planet, ball or particle. What gives it poles? The axis of spin. How can an axis of spin have only one pole? Perhaps if you make it really flat, and ignore one of the sides. You could maybe use the argument of the Möbius strip, saying that there is only one side anyway. But the point is that polarity is polarity; it has poles, not pole. So, therefore, the idea of particles that are only negative (‘electrons’ and ‘anti-protons’) or only positive (‘protons’ and ‘positrons’), or neutral (‘neutrons’), given by the spin doctors of ‘science’, seems impossible. The illusion of authority and severe programming since childhood makes an unbreakable prison for the mind. The Jesuits like to lay the foundation of their mind control in children before they are six years old. Then they own them for life. With ‘authority’ doing the thinking for you, you don’t have to think. Just repeat what you are told in school, and pass the exams. The core belief in your own stupidity is very effective in preventing you from discovery.

V b) The False Flag Terror Attack on September 11, 2001
* Whether the World Trade Center buildings were hit by planes or not, planes did not cause the buildings to collapse, and jet fuel did not cause the steel of the entire buildings to ‘melt’. Obviously building 7 was not hit by planes, but fell nevertheless.

V c) Directed Energy Weapons
* I believe the theory of Dr. Judy Wood ( ). Directed energy weapon technology was used, as evidenced by the dustified buildings, the ‘toasted’ cars, the twisted steel ‘burning’ cold, and the disappearance of the majority of the mass of the buildings, where the piles on the ground should have been. Most of the buildings blew away in the wind as dust. Huge amounts of paper remained intact (not burned) while cars in the same location as the paper were ‘toasted’. Firefighters where inside one tower when it all collapsed on top of their heads, but they were unharmed, and looked up in the dusty sky where the tower had been seconds before. A miracle. Yes. But there is a cause of the effect, like everything in the Universe. We all saw the tower collapse towards its footprint. We assumed it hit the ground. But only little remained.

Dr Judy Wood : Evidence of breakthrough energy technology on 9/11

Nikola Tesla had the knowledge of free energy, and he also claimed that he knew how to turn the Empire State building into dust within minutes.
It wouldn't take thousands of people to design the weapon. Nikola Tesla did it by himself. The FBI confiscated everything belonging to Tesla upon his death. John Kenneth Hutchison has also made directed energy weapons by himself in his apartment.

V d) HAARP and “Project Blue Beam”
* High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) may be part of the technology used in conjunction with Directed Energy Weapons. There is one such facility here in Norway, called EISCAT (European Incoherent Scatter facility), at Ramfjord near Tromsø in the north of Norway, where the spiral in the sky (which officially is claimed to have been a “Russian rocket”) appeared at the end of a bluish energy beam projected from the ground. This happened when Barack Obama came to receive his peace price for unaccomplished work of hypothetical nature.

V e) Gatekeepers or Disinformants
* The collapse of the twin towers was not a controlled demolition in any ordinary sense, and I think that if the alleged thermite was ever present it was merely as a backup plan. I do not believe that thermite or nano-thermite was used, as claimed by people like the Danish scientist Niels Harrit or by gatekeepers like Steven Jones and Richard Gage of “Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth” or Dave Parker of “The Free Energy Party”.
I don't believe that there where those high temperatures. They claim that boots of the workers melted, but then their feet would have been boiled. I think that process of disintegration and ‘dustification’ of the materials continued, and that it was not necessarily burning and igniting due to high temperature. Such high temperatures would have burned the paper. Put instead something ‘evaporated’ the planes, left very little of the buildings on the ground, and ‘toasted’ lots of cars in different locations.
In response to the missing mass of the buildings, “Architects & Engineers of 9/11 Truth” claims that the material was thrown horizontally over large distances. I’d think that would be something that contradicts the purpose of a “controlled demolition”, where one would want the building to fall in it’s own footprint, doing as little damage as possible to its surroundings. If “Architects & Engineers of 9/11 Truth” is correct most of the buildings was thrown to the sides in a large number of explosions, and that is why most of the mass of the two towers had disappeared. The, relative to the size of the towers, ‘small’ explosions we can see coming out from the sides could be water tanks exploding. That could be the explosions people heard.
I do not support establishment gatekeepers like Steven Jones and Dave Parker, in the field of energy research, and gatekeepers like Noam Chomsky ( ) and Amy Goodman of “Democracy Now!” ( ), in the field of politics.

V f) Whistleblowers
V Susan Lindauer:
* Ravel, It's my belief that 9/11 was a "cover and deception" operation-- like a magician's trick, whereby airplane hijackings were paraded in front of the public's eyes, while some sort of explosive/controlled demolition was deployed to bring down the towers. As to what type of explosives were used, I bow to science. There's great research by Judy Wood, also Richard Gage at Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Scientific evidence must be the final word. Though there are some differences in opinion, it should be manifestly clear to all but a 5 year old that airplanes could not possibly have demolished Twin Towers of steeel and glass to dust in 10 seconds.

V People
> Charles Steinmetz
> Dr. Brooks Agnew
> Dr. Carol Rosin
> Dr. Judy Wood
> Dr. Nick Begich
> Dr. Steven Greer M.D.
> Ed Leedskalnin
> Eric Dollard
> Fernando Morris
> Foster Gamble
> George H. Steinmetz
> George Piggott
> Jason Verbelli
> Jeremy Stride
> John Bedini
> John Kenneth Hutchison
> John Searl
> Marcel Vogel
> Mark Passio
> Nassim Haramein
> Nikola Tesla | Никола Тесла
> Patrick Flanagan
> Patrick J. Kelly
> Sean David Morton
> Semir Osmanagich
> Stan Meyer
> Thomas Townsend Brown (1905–1985)
> Tom Bearden
> Viktor Schauberger
> Walter Russell